All managers will be given different passwords to access their own relevant training manual from the Football Committee shortly. 

These passwords will be changed from time to time so if you cannot access your manual just contact Andy on 086 0273999 and he will guide you through what you need.

Please remember a lot of time and effort has gone into creating these unique manuals and are intended to only be used and viewed by Esker Celtic managers.


Click the manuals below for your age group:

Esker Warm Ups. Click here

Esker Vision Training. Click here

Esker Academy 4-6yrs games. Click here

Esker 5-7yrs games. Click here

Esker 8-11yrs games. Click here

Esker 12-14yrs games. Click here

Esker Horst Wein 3 v 3 Guidelines. Click here

Esker Pure Soccer 4 v 4 Game Format. Click here