Esker Celtic Football Club are delighted to announce the exciting new partnership with St Patricks Athletic.

With this new partnership, it will see both clubs working closely together in the best interests of all our young players moving forward during their footballing career in Irish football.

What does this mean for the Players?

Having the partnership with a professional League of Ireland club such as St Patricks Atheltic means that young players with emerging talent now have a pathway to National League of Ireland standard soccer.

Coaches from Esker Celtic Football Club will work with expert coaches in St Patricks Athletic to identify players with emerging talent and aid in furthering their talents on the pitch.

What does this mean for the coaches?

Well from time to time, coaches from St Patricks Athletic may attend coaching sessions for teams within Esker Celtic and provide the coach with critical feedback. This feedback will enhance the quality of coaching that managers and coaches are able to provide to players within Esker Celtic Football Club.