Esker Celtic Football Club

Constitution & Rules of Association

1.                NAME OF CLUB:


  1. 1.1 The club shall be named Esker Celtic Football Club.
    1.2 No name change shall be made to this name unless there is an enlargement of more than three football clubs (including Esker Celtic Football Club) in the area of Lucan

2.1         The Colour’s of Esker Celtic Football Club shall be Blue/White jerseys, blue shorts and blue stockings. The away strip will be Red/Blue with blue nicks and blue shorts.

2.2         Each manager is responsible for the team’s kit. The jerseys and shorts must be kept together in order that they can be handed down to a younger team at the end of each season. This applies to any training equipment or documentation

2.3           If a manager is stepping down or leaving the club it is his/her responsibility to inform the   appropriate                secretary before the team or parents to allow time for the club to find a replacement if required..

3.0       Club formation

3.1 Esker Celtic Football Club shall oppose any attempt to form a new boys/girls football club in the following areas of Lucan,

3.2 Esker Park, Esker Lodge, Elmbrook,Willsbrook Park, Hermitage Park, Ballyowen Park, Roselawn, Ballydowd Grove,Woodville and Edmunsbury Court.Mount Andrew, St Lomans Road, Liffey Valley Estate, St Edmunds.

4.0      Associated leagues

4.1 Esker Celtic Football Club shall compete in the Dublin and District schoolboys’ league, South Dublin League or the North Dublin School Boys League. Metropolitan Girls League and  Leinster Senior League. Leinster Development League

5.0       Small Sided Game

5.1 Every new Seven-a-Side team shall be limited to ten players only. Subsequent teams should be formed to ensure football for all, regardless of ability.  (Team a, Team b)

5.2 The Football Committee are entitled to move a player from the A, B,C,D teams during the closed season. The Football Committee, in conjunction with appointed Football Co-ordinators, are also entitled to move a player mid-season provided suitable notice is given to both player and manager.

5.3 The club must ensure, where possible, at least two teams are formed when a team/teams are moving from the small sided game to the 11-a-side game.

 5.4 Players assigned to a team at the start of the playing season must stay with that team for all games. Managers, coaches, parents are not allowed to move players between teams unless prior agreement is sought through the appropriate club secretary.

5.5 Managers or coaches who transfer players for games with out approval will be asked to explain there actions in front of the executive committee.


6.0      Players age profile

6.1 It is the responsibility of all managers to ensure his/her players are within the required age limits for his/her team.  A birth certificate must be seen by the appropriate secretary prior to the player completing a registration form.

6.2. It is desirable that every player play in their own age group and where practicable, this rule will be enforced. Exemptions may only be granted by the executive committee

 7.0      Registration

7.1 All players must be properly registered prior to playing for Esker Celtic Football Club.

7.2 At the beginning of each season all block registration forms must be lodged with the appropriate secretary one-week before the start of the season.

7.3 Any manager found to be playing an over age player shall be dismissed

7.4 The club secretaries have responsibility for the registration of teams and players. All registration forms must be issued by the secretary and where additional forms are requested for the signing of new player’s priority must be given to players already with the club and approval granted by the secretary before external players are signed

8.0       Executive Committee

8.1 An executive Committee shall be in place, consisting of

8.2 Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary 11- a -side, Secretary 7-a-side, Treasurer, Child Welfare Officer.

8.3 The term of office shall be for a period of 2 years

8.4 The elected 7-a-side secretary will become part of the executive committee of Esker Celtic Football Club (Constitution to be amended under executive committee section)

8.5 Where a team is struggling to stay together, for whatever reason the executive committee reserves the right to merge the players with other teams in the club as appropriate.

8.6 The Child Welfare Officer will become part of the executive committee of Esker Celtic Football Club.

8.7  No person can hold more than one office at a time.

8.8 Chairperson

The committee shall appoint a chairperson from amongst its number. The chairperson shall be the nominal head of the Club and will act as chair of any committee meeting or General Meeting at which he/she is present.  If the chairperson is not present, or is unwilling or unable to preside at a committee meeting the remaining committee members shall appoint another committee member to preside as chair for that meeting only.

9.0       Club Committee

9.1 A committee of seven People including one from the Fund Raising Committee to be formed and re elected annually

9.2 Votes of Members

Any resolution presented to a meeting of the Association must be proposed and seconded by a member.

10.0     Fund Raising Committee 

10.1 A fund raising committee separate to the club committee to be formed.  The committee shall be limited to six members and no less than four members.

10.2 Both committees to have the same Treasurer

10.3 No manager/assistant or parent shall collect funds from parents unless it is registration fees or fees for the hiring of training facilities.  Where a team wants to self fundraise for team strip, trips, football related events permission must be sought and granted from the executive committee. Where permission is granted a full record of payments received must be available and the club must be absolved of any responsibility for those funds collected.

11.0     Club Membership

11.1 A voting member is a person currently actively involved in Esker Celtic Football Club for a period not less than ten months.

11.2 His/Her appointment within Esker Celtic Football Club must therefore be forwarded to the secretary immediately.

11.3 All voting members must be 18 years or over.

11.4 It is a club requirement for all new managers /assistants joining the club from the 2009/10 season onwards to have a minimum Kick Start 1 coaching certificate or to complete the course as soon as one becomes available. In addition a fully completed code of ethics/child welfare acceptance form must be on file within 14 days of joining the club

11.4 Discretion to Accept or Reject Application

The Club may accept or reject an application whether or not the applicant has complied with the requirements of the club. The Club shall not be required or compelled to provide any reason for such acceptance or rejection.

Where the Club accepts an application, the applicant shall become a Member.  Membership shall be deemed to commence upon acceptance of the application by the Club. The Register shall be amended accordingly as soon as practicable.

Where the Club rejects an application, it shall refund any fees , if any, forwarded with the application and the application shall be deemed rejected by the Club.

11.5 Club to Keep Register

The Club shall keep and maintain a Register in which shall be entered (as a minimum):

The full name, address and date of entry of each Member; and

where applicable, the date of termination of membership of any Member.

Members shall provide notice of any change and required details to the Club within one month of such change.

11.6 Members acknowledge and agree that:

This Constitution forms a contract between each of them and the Club and that they are bound by this Constitution and the Regulations.

They shall comply with and observe this Constitution and the Regulations and any determination, resolution or policy which may be made or passed by the committee.

By submitting to this Constitution and Regulations they are subject to the jurisdiction of the Club.

The Constitution and Regulations are necessary and reasonable for promoting the Objects and particularly the advancement and protection of soccer within the area as outlined above.

11.7 Discontinuance for Breach

Membership of the Club may be discontinued by the committee upon breach of any clause of this Constitution or the Regulations, including, but not limited to, the failure to comply with the Regulations or any resolutions or determinations made or passed by the committee or any duly authorised committee.

Membership shall not be discontinued by the committee without the committee first giving the accused Member the opportunity to explain the breach and/or remedy the breach.

Where a Member fails, in the committees view to adequately explain the breach, that Member’s membership shall be discontinued by the Club giving written notice of the discontinuance to the Member. The Register shall be amended to reflect any discontinuance of any member.

11.8 Discipline 

The committee may commence or cause to be commenced disciplinary proceedings against a Member who has allegedly:

Breached, failed, refused or neglected to comply with a provision of this Constitution, the Regulations or any resolution or determination of the committee or any duly authorised committee

Acted in a manner unbecoming of a Member, or prejudicial to the purposes and interests of the Esker Celtic Football Club

Brought the Club, or any other Member into disrepute.

That Member will be subject to and will submit unreservedly to the jurisdiction, procedures, penalties and the appeal mechanisms of the Club set out in the Regulations.

The committee may appoint a Judiciary Committee to deal with any disciplinary matter referred to it. Such a Judiciary Committee shall operate in accordance with the procedures expressed in the Regulations but is subject always to the Act.

If a member of the Committee shall fail to attend three consecutive meetings without notifying the Secretary of his/her inability to attend such a person shall be deemed no longer a member of the committee.

The committee shall cause minutes to be made in books provided for the purpose of:

  1. The appointment of committee members made by members of the committee.
  2. The names of the members present as each meeting.
  3. All resolutions and proceedings at the general or subsequent meetings held by the committee and or sub committees.
  4. All meetings of the committee and any of its sub committees.

11.8          All general meetings of the Committee shall be held in private and at such time and place as the committee shall appoint PROVIDED THAT an Annual General Meeting shall be held once in every calendar year and not more than eighteen months after the holding of the last such meeting.

1.  The committee is entitled to call an EGM at its discretion

12.0     Majority Vote

12.1 With a view to ensuring continuity and participation for its desired objectives the following provision is allowed,

12.2 A majority vote of 75% of those in attendance at a general meeting will be carried in a vote of confidence, or no confidence in members of the committee or the full committee of Esker Celtic Football Club. The Chairperson shall have the casting vote in all proceedings.


The quorum for a Committee meeting can be varied. It should, at least, be more than ½ of the committee in office. For example, if there are 6 committee members the quorum should be 4. If there are 7 committee members the quorum should also be 4. If there are 10 committee members the quorum should be 6 and so on.

13.0 Subscriptions

13.1 50% of a players subscriptions must be paid at the time of signing for the club and the remaining balance paid by the 12th November of that year. Failure to pay in full will result in dismissal from the club.

13.2 Hardship cases as identified will be addressed individually

13.3 All club members should pay a nominal fee to fulfil their obligation as a member of Esker Celtic Football Club. The fee to be determined by the incoming committee annually.

14.0     Code of Ethics

14.1 A code of Ethics for Esker Celtic Football Club to be adopted under the guidelines of the Football Association of Ireland code of Ethics and good conduct. A committee will be appointed consisting of no less than 4 members.

14.2 This will be known as The Esker Celtic Football Club Code of Ethics committee.

 15.0     Senior Team/s

15.1 The teams shall continue to use the club name Esker Celtic Football Club.

15.2 The teams will be known within the club as the Senior Team. The division they will play in will identify each team.

15.3 All players registered and having paid their annual subscriptions will be deemed members of the club provided they have been in the club for at least 10 months.

15.4 The team colours will be the same as that outlined in the constitution and rules for the club.

15.5 The team will obtain its own insurance as deemed appropriate for this level of sport

15.6 The team/s can continue to use the facilities provided there is no interference with matches in the Schoolboy’s section.

15.7 All funding for the team shall be self generated, under no circumstances will money be transferred from the schoolboy section to fund or part fund the running of the senior team.

15.8 The team must appoint it’s own secretary and treasurer.

15.9 The secretary appointed by the senior team may at any time be requested by the Executive Committee of Esker Celtic football club to attend a meeting to update on the progress of the team or difficulties or circumstances that may arise.

15.10 The players and management of the senior team shall at no time bring the name of Esker Celtic Football Club into disrepute either on or off the pitch. Each member of the senior team must act in a way as deemed appropriate in the name of sport.  It is the responsibility of the management team to deal with inappropriate conduct by any player.

15.11 The management of the senior team may request members of the executive committee of Esker Celtic to attend meetings as deemed appropriate.

16.0     Football Pitch/es Allocation/Games

16.1 Where agreement cannot be reached between the managers as to the availability of one pitch over another the Secretary of the 11 a side teams will have the final say as to the pitch allocation for Cup/important league matches.

16.2 Where a league / cup game is scheduled for the 11-a-side teams and there is a no show by the referee the game will be rescheduled by the league. Under no circumstances can a friendly be played or a game for points.

17.0     Players sent off

17.1 Where a player/s are sent off for misconduct during or after a game. It is the responsibility of the Manager to report the incident to the appropriate secretary.

17.2 The manager will decide appropriate action to be taken (Automatic Suspension). All fines imposed on the Esker Celtic Football Club will be paid by the offending player to the manager prior to re selection for the team. The fines are to be paid to the treasurer

17.3 Only on receipt of a request from a Manager appealing the decision in favor of the offending player will the offence be reviewed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may decide that the club pays the fine.

18.0     Annual General Meeting

18.1 The Annual General Meeting will take place within 18 months of holding its previous AGM. Four weeks notice must be given prior to the calling of said AGM.

18.2 Independent auditors shall be appointed to approve the end of year accounts.

19.0     Manager/Player 

19.1 The players and management of the Schoolboy teams shall at no time bring the name of Esker Celtic Football Club into disrepute either on or off the pitch. Each member of the team must act in a way as deemed appropriate in the name of sport.  It is the responsibility of the management team to deal with inappropriate conduct by any player or parent/guardian.

19.2 The Manager must respect the rules of the Club (i.e. decisions made by the Secretary/Football Committee)

19.3 The Manager has a duty to relay details of all Club activities i.e. fun days, soccer camps etc. to player/parents.

19.4 The Manager and/or assistant must attend all meetings and the AGM throughout the year

19.5 The Manager and assistant must have up to date coaching badges relevant to the age group of his/her team.

19.6 The Manager must ensure that all players get equal game time regardless of ability especially in small sided games.

 20.0     Accidents on/off the pitch

20.1 The manager of each team has the responsibility to properly file a report where a player has had an accident or being involved in an incident while representing Esker Celtic Football Club.

20.2 The health and safety of persons and property is the responsibility of all in our club

 21.0     Grading of Players

21.1 When a new team or teams are formed in the 7, 9 or 11- a- side leagues from the start of the 2005/6  season, the team or teams should play as a team for one season.

21.2 At the end of each season all players will be re- allocated a team based on their ability where appropriate. This will allow our teams to compete at a more appropriate level and help all players to develop their skills regardless of their ability as they move through the various age groups.

21.3   The committee in place at the time will appoint an appropriate selection group.

21.4  Whilst the objective of the club will be to provide football at all levels (socially and competitively), the club acknowledges additional support and focus will be required to develop and retain the teams capable of playing at the highest level. This is a core element of the clubs future development plans and will help ensure we retain the local talented players within our club.

22 .0    School of Excellence

22.1 The School of Excellence will run from an agreed date in September until the week before the Marathon/Funday.  All breaks and holidays will be agreed annually

22.2 The club committee must appoint at least 3 officials responsible for the running of the school annually. The roles include coaching, administration, communications and team development

22.3 The club should use a standard training/coaching programme throughout the term

22.4 The organising officials should ensure that the players are training within their own age bracket weekly.

22.5 All parents and helpers involved must be registered with the code of ethics committee.

22.6 All players 7 years or older must be facilitated on an existing team where appropriate

22.7 Fees for each player will be made both pre and post Christmas time, as some players do not return after the break. The annual fee will be determined by the sitting committee

23.0     Assets and Trustees

23.1  The Club shall have power to acquire and hold and to sell, lease, mortgage or charge real and personal property.  Real property shall not be transferred, sold, leased, conveyed, mortgaged, or otherwise charged or dealt with, without the consent of South Dublin County Council as set out in the Declaration of Trust.

23.2  The real property of the club shall be vested in three or more members of Esker Celtic Football    Club/and where appropriate the Football Association of Ireland., As trustees who shall hold same in accordance with the charter, constitution and rules thereof and subject to the covenants and conditions contained in the approved Declaration of Trust and who shall sell, lease, mortgage or charge the said property when directed to do so and with the consent of Esker Celtic Football Club and where appropriate the Football Association of Ireland.

The executive committee shall select the three trustees of the club; the chairperson will officially appoint the trustees who shall hold office for a minimum of two years

23,3 The personal property of the club shall vest in the Chairperson, Assistant Chairperson, Secretary and the Treasurer for the time being of the club as trustees who shall hold same in trust for the club.  The said trustees shall invest the funds of the club in accordance with the direction of the executive committee and or the main club committee of which an entry in the minute book of the club shall be conclusive evidence.

23.4  All cheques drawn on behalf of Esker Celtic Football Club shall be signed by the Treasurer and or the Chairperson, Secretary or a nominated person acting on behalf of the club.

23.5  Correct accounts and books shall be kept showing the up to date financial affairs and receipts and disbursements of the club. The end of year report shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the club

23.6  The said trustees of the real property and of the personal property for the time being shall be set out in the schedules of the club rules

23.7  The club shall indemnify and save harmless a trustee in respect of any loss or out of pocket expenses bona fide incurred by him/her in or about the execution of this trust or these powers.

24.0 Football For All

24.1. The Football For All programme at Esker Celtic FC will form an integral part of Esker Celtic FC as a community based club and will be so maintained to cater for children in the community with special needs.

25.0 Insurance

25.1  The trustees will have the sole responsibility for ensuring the real property is properly maintained and managed and insured against damage fire, theft and malicious intent.  The trustees shall inform the executive committee/Club Committee of any failure on the club to meet and manage the assets of Esker Celtic Football Club.

25.2. Suitable Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance will be obtained and maintained.


26.0 Winding Up

26.1 The provisions of the Constitution relating to the winding up or dissolution of the club shall have effect and be observed as if the same were repeated in full in these rules of the Association.


Amended and approved on Sept 29th 2014 at Esker Celtic FC AGM

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